Introducing the 2KG ViPR…

Children and ViPR trainer holding new 2KG ViPR Seniors working out with 2KG ViPR Child running with ViPR ViPR Master Trainer and Seniors using 2KG ViPR Children lunging with 2KG ViPR Trainer and Senior pushing against ViPR Child exercising with ViPR Child holding 2KG ViPR

Adding a new dimension…

Standing slightly smaller in stature than other ViPR™ models, the new 2kg TPE ViPR holds its own sense of authority and power. Like its larger companions, the 2kg ViPR allows people to begin realizing their full potential for daily motion through Loaded Movement Training.

This product enables an even lower entry point to ViPR for all ages and market segments. Now, twisting, lunging, tilting, shifting and rotating are even easier than ever before!

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Product Details

Colour – Turquoise
Product Weight – 2kg
Material – TPE
Product Dimensions – L 74cm x D 10cm
The 2kg fits into the current Group Rack and PT Rack designs


RRP £109.20 | $124.98 USD

For more information on this product and its distribution worldwide, please email us at:

New Opportunities

There has already been a strong interest in this lighter model being used within a variety of populations including active aging, women, kids, pre-and postnatal, as well as the Pilates marketing segment.


All ViPR products have a limited one-year warranty against manufacturer defects.