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Enhancing Health using ViPR ViPR

ViPR illustration In June 2008, I was 24 years old and enjoying a summer work internship in the beautiful mountains of Estes Park, Colorado. I was fit, I was energetic, I was recently engaged, and I hurt. Random come-and-go pain in my knees and elbows spread into the balls of my feet, which made hiking and cycling more difficult, until one day I couldn’t even get back on my bike to pedal home from work and had to have a friend help me and my bike into his car.

The next five months saw a progression of daily pain that settled into my knees, elbows, neck, fingers and toes. Grasping and turning a doorknob became a two-handed task and I could hardly close my hand into a fist tight enough to grasp my toothbrush. In November 2008, I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis.

The next few years were rough but I had always been an athlete and just wanted to get back to enjoying pain-free movement. With a degree in Kinesiology and Health Promotion, I knew that movement and exercise were critical to my health so even throughout my ‘painful years’ I continued to exercise. I lifted weights, I rode my bike, I went dancing; but it was a few years before the pain began to subside, brought about initially by medication. Injections of Hu mira reduced my symptoms remarkably well. Yet, sometimes after lifting weights and putting compressive forces into my joints, I would flair up and doorknobs would give me trouble again. And I didn’t like to think of the consequences of a lifetime of medication.

In 2013, I discovered ViPR. It was fun, it was new, and it was playful, but the science behind ViPR and Loaded Movement Training began to resonate with me. Stretch to shorten, long and strong, tensile strength, flow, rhythm, creating space in joints while strengthening soft tissues, unloading joints instead of compressing … these concepts began to yield powerful results for me.

ViPR not only opened up training possibilities professionally but also gave me a tool that has served to enhance my own health to a level of vitality beyond what I had found in the traditional gym space. I am performing well in my sports of choice (cross-country skiing, cycling, diving, swing dancing, fatherhood), and I have reconditioned my body to become more mobile and flexible. Since adopting ViPR into my training, my flair-ups have gone down and, since October 2016, I have been able to come off all medication.

ViPR isn't just a fun fitness product, it is a tool that enhances life! I am so proud to be a Global Ambassador for this incredible tool. Move well!

Take a look at Kevin in action, performing:

  • High Intensity Steady State (HISS) Metabolic Conditioning circuit
  • 10kg ViPR
  • Perform 10 reps of each exercise and perform 1-3 rounds before resting for 5-10 minutes.
  • Repeat 1-3x

By Kevin Bretting, ViPR Global Ambassador

2kg ViPR Competition Winner ViPR

ViPR: Redefining Movement

Kylianne performing a ViPR tilt I was diagnosed with prolapse eight weeks post the birth of my first daughter. You can imagine the heartbreak I went through, when I started looking into what that meant and how that would impact me as a fitness professional.

Things like avoiding running, jumping, sports such as basketball, wide squats the list goes on – all the things I loved to do.

I decided I would not be condemned to the four walls of the box that I was meant to stay inside, living and moving with prolapse, instead I created ways to move in a way that still gave me what I wanted in the way that I needed it.

The ViPR was at that time – and is still – my favourite tool to move with. It allowed me to redefine what movement was to me as I went forward in the next chapter of my adventure as a fitness professional and with my own personal relationship with movement, as things did need to be changed.

I was able to use my experiences to empower other women to do the same; redefine what movement was for them, what it gave back and how they could recreate the positive emotions that had attached to those things that may not be suitable for their body where they are at right now. ViPR plays a huge role in those journeys.

This photo symbolises a moment of strength, empowerment, trust and love for what my body can do despite living with prolapse! You can see the smile on my face as I jumped without fear and trusted my body to attempt this move.

I work with pre- and post-natal women to empower them with the tools to come to trust and love their bodies again, in a way that makes them feel powerful and strong, without any lack of fun and challenge, during a time where they could feel very restricted and confused about what is right and wrong. We work collaboratively to create movement patterns that equip women to be ready for the real demands of life as a mum. My favourite part is that their little humans who join us in the studio are being shown a life in which movement is something that gives back to and nourishes their mum not as punishment, or as a way to perfect their visual aesthetics. Movement to my mums goes far beyond the superficial goals that we sometimes set with out a lot of uncovering why.

Personally, ViPR symbolises for me my fierceness, adaptability and willingness to surrender to the journey in the face of adversity. It enables me to be challenged, get creative, play and move how my body needs to on that day I pick it up.

I challenge you to explore how ViPR makes you feel when you move with it, because that to me is the genius behind this epic creation, the ability to connect to the deeper self. If you too are a fitness professional, how can you help others do the same? Really it goes a little deeper than just the physical – what has ViPR done for you?

Kylianne performing a jump with ViPR By Kylianne Turton, 2kg ViPR Competition Winner. (Image Credit: )

By Kylianne Turton, 2kg ViPR Competition Winner

Meet Giovanni Roselli ViPR

Ex- Pro WWE Wrestler and ViPR Global Ambassador

I used to work out like a bodybuilder, and guess what? It worked. I put on muscle, got big, and got strong. The human body will adapt to the stimulus we provide. Like many teenagers and young adults, I began working out by isolating muscles and doing a traditional bodybuilder split, and my body adapted. Oh yeah, and I had this crazy dream of becoming a professional wrestler, and look at the size of those guys!

Well, things have changed … drastically. I now spend more time training my foot and ankle than I do my chest and triceps.

Transformation begins

After a lot of hard work and dedication, I achieved my goal of becoming a professional wrestler and travelled around the world with WWE, as well as independently overseas.

Giovanni Roselli performing as a professional wrestler A dream come true – from an overseas tour of Italy in 2007

Although I looked the way I wanted, I always felt tight. In addition to solely bodybuilding, I didn't consider massages as a way to maintain balance in my body. I didn't know about rolfing and how I could benefit from such specific healing of the body. Before the age of 30, I went through four major orthopedic surgeries. I knew I needed to change. Did it help that I was a professional wrestler? No. Could some of these injuries have been prevented or been less severe if I trained differently? That is up for debate.

Giovanni Roselli backstage at wrestling show Backstage at a wrestling show 11 years ago (I liked muscles … and facial hair)

Sowing the seeds

Renowned strength coach Mike Boyle uses a great analogy. Working out is a lot like farming. The farmer gets his soil ready, plants the seeds, and then waits. To an inexperienced eye, it may not look like much is happening, but then eventually, what is planted starts to grow. A farmer knows the importance of caring for the land. Crops will be adversely impacted if they are given either too much water or not enough.

I wholeheartedly trust the law of the farm. If I incorporate mobility drills, if I start training much more multi-directionally, if I start to work on owning my own bodyweight, I may not see immediate results and improvements, but they will come.

A long journey

ViPR has been extremely influential and I would even say it's the main reason why I’ve been able to make this transformation.

I think for someone with a background like mine, one of the biggest game changers was the fact that using ViPR allowed my body to be in lengthened positions under load. Now with ViPR in my toolbox, weight was moving away from my midline and in a multitude of directions, as opposed to staying within my midline in normally one very linear direction. Think about the difference between how the bicep is stressed doing a DB curl (muscle shortens) vs a ViPR Shift (muscle lengthens).

Giovanni Roselli using ViPR

Say what you want about professional wrestling, but it takes a tremendous amount of athleticism to be a performer. Looking back on my lifting routine of a body part split with each exercise mainly in isolation, was that in any way helping me move better in the ring? A professional wrestler needs to be strong, agile, mobile, in every direction possible and imaginable. Isn’t that also a description of the benefits of ViPR?!

What isolation exercise will prepare me to do this?

Giovanni Roselli performing as a professional wrestler

What’s next?

I've come a long way, but I still have a long way to go. I will continue to plant my seeds, water them, care for them, and watch them grow. ViPR will continue to be by my side, every step of the way.

See Giovanni in action, with his most recent #movementmonday video:

By Giovanni Roselli, ViPR Global Ambassador

Knowledge is power: New ViPR Training, LMT-1 ViPR
Jake Duhon performing ViPR exercise

Are you ready to elevate you career and your clients exercise experience with unique education that gives you an edge on the fitness industry?

Every day presents an opportunity for you to learn more about the human body, its ability to move in this world and your ability to influence people through your expertise. Whether working with pro, elite or tactical athletes, clients seeking to eliminate aches and pain or the general population, there’s always something you can do to further develop your craft. As the global authority on loaded movement training, ViPR supports an international community of coaches, trainers and therapists who share our passion for human movement performance.

Our new education platform guides you through the latest innovations and practices for loaded movement training. You'll gain the knowledge and confidence you need to develop cutting-edge programs while leading clients to move, perform and feel their best. If you are looking for something unique to offer your clients it’s a great time to begin promoting your expertise with new, smart and extremely effective solutions with our newest course, LMT-1. Our goal in creating this course is to help you with an introductory level education on the fundamental principles of Loaded Movement Training (LMT) and exercises that make up the foundational drills of all ViPR programs.

Knowledge is power, it’s time to hone your craft!

First training dates released in the UK, Book online now

Coming soon across the globe, watch this space…

By Jake Duhon, Global Education Development Manager

Working with older clients: Introducing the 2kg ViPR ViPR
Marion training individual older client with a 2KG ViPR

Working with the (very much) older person is great fun. Twice a week, I run classes in a residential care/nursing home. We started small but have now grown into two groups. One group we call ‘high intensity’ and the other ‘low intensity’. The difference is both in the physical activities and the residents' cognitive skills. What we have been able to build up over the months is a real relationship. I have got to know bits about their lives, I know about those who lost husbands during the war, about their children, their grandchildren, and their great grandchildren. I know what they think of the current government and how they feel about not being able to live in their own homes any more. Some can't tell me everything that they might like to, but we communicate; we communicate with a touch, with a look, with a laugh.

At first, residents were hesitant about joining the group as they were unsure of their balance and strength. Now, they can walk up the stairs (often without any help from me), their balance is vastly improved, and they can squat and lunge with minimal help. We have moved from chair-based exercises to much more standing and walking.

Resistance work is imperative and, much to their surprise and to much laughter, they have embraced the 2kg ViPR™. They have grown used to me bringing in equipment (we have always used resistance bands), but dumbbells were not always easy. ViPR has added a great new dimension to our workouts. It's very easy to hold and to demo, and is just the right weight to challenge, but not damage. I patted one lady (aged 96) on the upper arm to let her know that she had done really well, and I could feel her bicep. I remarked on her muscles and she said, "What do you expect after what you’ve put me through?" I think that says it all!

Learn more:

By Trainer Team Member, Marion Foreman

Marion training a group of older clients with 2KG ViPR's

Introducing the new 2kg ViPR ViPR

Elderly clients tilting ViPRViPR™ HQ is pleased to introduce a new addition to the family: the 2kg ViPR. Standing slightly smaller in stature than other models, the new 2kg TPE ViPR holds its own sense of authority and power. Like its larger companions, the 2kg model allows people to begin realizing their full potential for daily motion through Loaded Movement Training. We are extremely excited for the possibilities that this sized ViPR brings to our ViPR community. Now, twisting, lunging, tilting, shifting and rotating are even easier!

The 2kg ViPR really does add a completely new dimension to ViPR programming; the possibilities with the 2kg model are now only limited to your imagination! We've not only received a huge amount of interest in the tool for kids and the active-aging market segments, but also in the areas of Pilates and pre- and postnatal. The lighter weight means that there are no barriers to performing movements effectively and with precision. It is perfect for beginning your journey with ViPR, no matter your size, age or ability. Not only this, but it is fantastic for enhancing your performance for vitality and is a great size for warming up with!

Children playing with the new ViPR 2KGSpecifically in regards to use with kids, the 2kg model allows them to truly experience authentic ViPR movements as it mirrors the dimensions of an adult with a 4-12kg ViPR. The benefits of use at a young age include better mobility, stability, and enhanced movement patterning. Not only this, but Loaded Movement Training helps to strengthen muscles, fortify bone, and fascia also helping to balance hormonal and metabolic systems at a critical developmental time in their lives.

We really see this product as a fantastic opportunity for PTs to use to increase their client base by adding a completely new dimension to training (and enabling entry into different market segments). This product can also be used as a great extension within existing class formats. Offering suitable holds and a gentle load, this size allows the enhancement of practices such as Pilates. We see this as a very exciting time for us here at ViPR HQ and for the ViPR community as a whole, as it truly allows kids, adults and the aging population to reap the benefits of Vitality, Performance and Reconditioning.

Keep an eye out across our website for the launch of education programs that incorporate the 2kg ViPR, and across our social media platforms to see the tool already in action!

For product-specific information, see:

Elderly and pregnant clients using ViPR

Amy’s story: part 2 – the importance of moving with load from a young age ViPR

Function at a young age is often unquestioned. Kids run, play and laugh … right? We don't need to intervene to help promote healthy movement, they can do it on their own. Or maybe we drop them off at football or other organised sports a couple of days per week – that helps them develop skill and fitness. But is there more we can do? Can we show them how to move a load through space? Can we move with them? What happens then?

My boys have used ViPR through play for several years. They drag, roll, tilt and knock down the 6 and 10kg models, but now they have their own 2kg versions. From the moment they saw them, they absolutely loved them, now they can lift, shift and throw ViPR! They use the 2kg ViPR in their own play to create new patterns, all without realising the benefits their little bodies are receiving by moving with load.

The benefits of children moving with load throughout the day include:

  • training their bodies to overcome resistance1
  • developing motor strategies beyond what they ‘need’ for everyday play1
  • strengthening their joints in unique ways
  • co-ordination
  • improving bone density2.

These are just a few of the benefits of using load when working with children. Some of these are obvious, however; the not-so-obvious benefits are often more powerful – such as confidence! Can you imagine the confidence your kids get when moving a heavy load through space? There is nothing more exciting than hearing a child say, "Wow, I did it!" It's fun and it promotes good habits that they will carry forward from a young age.

You can enhance all of these benefits by training with your kids. Create your own ViPR patterns and put them to music or change the environment … a big field, the woods, a playground. Use your creativity to laugh, squat, tilt and shift your way to better fitness with your kids.

For information on the 2kg ViPR:

Children playing with ViPR

2 Specker, B, Thiex, NW, Sudhagoni (2015) Does Exercise Influence Pediatric Bone? A Systematic Review, Clin Orthop Relat Res, 473(11):3658-3672.

ViPR Global Ambassador, Amy’s Story: ViPR, My Kids and The New 2kg ViPR ViPR

If I had one wish, it would be to travel back in time and live inside the creative mind of a child. Can you imagine what this would be like? Can you imagine finding joy and excitement in a stick and/or a large puddle…How awesome would it be to visualize a sword and a huge river instead?

Child holding ViPR

I have been blessed with two sets of twins. My boys are six and my girls will be two in December. I have always had a passion for movement and have taught my kids from an early age of its benefits. They have watched me work with clients and train on my own their whole lives. Every day my kids and I move together in some way.

One of our usual routines is a four-mile adventure that takes us around the neighborhood. The boys ride their bikes and I pull the girls in the wagon. The other day we were on our ride and my son, William, said, "Mommy, don't step on the blue laser beams they will turn you into ice." (The town had marked colored lines on the road for utilities and he saw them as lasers.)

What if we could combine that creativity into a structured activity? What if there was a tool that would both challenge kids and help them successfully improve their function? I found that in ViPR™.

Child holding ViPR

ViPR can be dragged, rolled, kicked, carried, hopped over and tilted. There are endless variations that can be coupled with a fun story to create an adventure of movement. Use your environment and tweak the challenge.

Obstacle courses are a great way to integrate ViPR for kids! Break it up with other fun tools such as big wheels, hula hoops, balls or frisbees, and then add the creativity of a story. The biggest thing to remember is that perfect form is not the goal here. The goal is fun, laughter and fostering a love for movement. Kids get it! The new 2kg tool will allow kids to take full advantage of ViPR. It has the same great benefits as the full-size models … it can be thrown, rolled, lifted and shifted, but its smaller size will allow kids to carry it with ease. They will have greater success with the higher-level patterns including reaches, jumps and kid-friendly flows. It’s an exciting new tool that is the perfect size for our little ones.

There is nothing better than helping a child use their body and grow strong. Now go out and play! :)

Family running on the beach

My Kids Workout…

In the photo below, we set out five seashells along the beach and the boys chose a movement for each shell. At the end of the five shells there were three ViPR tools. We ran to the shell, did five reps of the movement and then on to the next one. Then you picked up the ViPR tool and ran back to the same shells and repeated the movement with load. Our goal was three rounds before the tide came in. It was great fun and it held the boys’ attention for about 15 minutes of structured play.

Child working out with ViPR

For more information on the new 2KG ViPR, please see:

ViPR in India ViPR
ViPR used outdoors

India, with its billion plus people, cultural diversity and economic boom, is at a very exciting stage of growth. From tech giants to fast-moving consumer goods, everyone has eyes on India. Its population is busy with all this buzz and is looking for that work-life balance at gyms, parks, trails, stadiums and even in their own homes, and ViPR is increasingly becoming the tool of choice for this rapidly evolving market.

Interestingly, ViPR was originally inspired by the way farmers move when they work. Their movements mimiced shoveling, scooping, sliding and digging, and is exactly what ViPR training involves, while using the entire body. Given that the fitness industry in India is catering to an audience that is growing bored of the old stereotyped weights and cardio options, ViPR offers a great new tool with its roots in the movements that humans have performed for centuries. And it’s very appealing for those who have limited time, because doing a full-body workout with ViPR is much more efficient than training one body part at a time with machines and weights. Gyms are buying ViPR tools to offer as part of circuit training, group classes and personal training. Its successful implementation is ensured by the research-backed, internationally accredited education that ViPR has created. There are around 80 certified ViPR trainers in India, and this number is growing.

With whole-body integration at its heart, ViPR training focuses on rhythm and flow rather than strict form. In between the hectic schedules and tiring commutes, users in India love this freedom while training. Moreover, everyone loves the all-in-one, do-it-yourself possibilities that ViPR provides. It is one tool that lets you work on strength, conditioning, endurance, balance, co-ordination and vitality, all at the same time. The extensive, ever-growing resources at empowers users to go online and learn from some of the best minds in the fitness industry – it is a DIY lover's dream. ViPR is here to stay!

Vipin Marwah

Vipin heads the ViPR business in India through Professional Fitness. He started his wellness career in 2001 as a health psychologist at a leading hospital. His valuable experience in a milieu of fitness, sales, psychology and management has led him to being a successful fitness leader, promoting cutting-edge education and training solutions with genuine passion. Along with ViPR, Vipin is an avid runner and loves to train with TRX and kettlebells.

(MSc. Psychology, PTA Global, ViPR, TRX certified trainer)

ViPR outdoors