ViPR Blog

Loaded Movement Training | 30 May 2024

Promoting postnatal wellness through holistic movement with ViPR

Julie Holl shares how ViPR can be a game-changer for the way you support postnatal women on their path to holistic health.

Loaded Movement Training | 29 March 2024

ViPR training for older adults

Stephen Tongue picks up ViPR and asks, what exactly should we do to keep in good shape and maintain our swagger for life as time goes by?

Loaded Movement Training | 8 January 2024

ViPR during pregnancy

In this blog, Julie Holl explores the importance of multi-directional movement, unbalanced exercises and unique core-strengthening techniques that step away from traditional core workouts, instead utilising something far more bespoke for mum and her ever-changing body.

Loaded Movement Training | 29 November 2023

Tubes and Straps

When it comes to movement training, there is a short list of gym staples that are go-to tools for coaches and bodyworkers. On that list are, undoubtedly, ViPR and the TRX Suspension Trainer. Steve Tongue, ViPR Head of Education, runs through the benefits of these tools.

Loaded Movement Training | 18 July 2023

Training the hamstrings for authentic function

Paul Edmondson discusses how to train the hamstrings to function authentically in the game of life and sport.

Loaded Movement Training | 17 July 2023

The adaptive nervous system: Exercise enrichment for cognitive resilience

The concept of ‘environmental enrichment’ comes from the field of animal behaviour studies and is not a term that is typically heard in exercise and physical activity circles. But I think that it should be.

Loaded Movement Training | 19 April 2023

Lean, capable legs

Steve Tongue chooses ViPR exercises that give you a great-looking booty AND strong legs that are fit for an active life.

Loaded Movement Training | 19 April 2023

ViPR and the unrivalled power behind the ‘matrix’

Paul Edmondson invites us to take the red pill, step into the matrix and look at ViPR training from a different perspective.