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Loaded Movement Training | 23 January 2023

An epic loaded movement challenge: 100 DAYS to 1,000 REPs

John Polley tackles a challenge that sees him take 100 days to reach 1,000 REPs with his trusty ViPR.

Loaded Movement Training | 12 January 2023

Building strong functional knees

Have you ever had a knee problem or do you know somebody who has? The likely answer to this question is ‘yes!’ Knee problems are common and can be very debilitating, often taking months to fix. Here, we take a look at strategies we can implement into our training to help build more robust and healthy leg hinges (knees).

Loaded Movement Training | 11 January 2023

Coaching and communication

How can we best communicate with our clients? Joseph Taylor, co-founder of The Total Player and ViPR Master Trainer, takes a look

Loaded Movement Training | 10 January 2023

Training the hamstrings for authentic function

Paul Edmondson discusses how to train the hamstrings to function authentically in the game of life and sport.

Loaded Movement Training | 4 October 2022

Why Loaded Movement is better outdoors

Joe Robinson reminisces about his childhood, urging us to take a leaf out of his book and get outside with ViPR.