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General | 30 September 2016

ViPR development updates

An overview of the updates coming to ViPR

General | 26 February 2014

ViPR Movement Prep: Loaded Movement Training

Nick Luciano explains how incorporating ViPR into workout preparation can increase your activity and access a range of motion.

General | 4 February 2014

Fire-fighting fit

The French ViPR team took the fire fighters of Saint Denis in Paris and primed them for action with drills tailored to mimic the moves they need on the frontline, reports Fiona McAuslan.

General | 10 December 2013

Specificity is variability: Loaded Movement Training

Training athletes and exercisers for a specific outcome is an important concept but how well does it translate to real-life situations on and off the pitch? asks Derek Vanderbrink.

General | 30 August 2013

Beginning your Loaded Movement Training

Find out how to incorporate Loaded Movement Training into your fitness program.

General | 30 August 2013

Loaded Movement Training Defined

In this article Loaded Movement Training is defined.