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Community stories | 7 November 2013

ViPR can help independence of those with special needs

Fitness specialist Caitlin Deis describes how she a helped longtime resident at a center for special needs gain more mobility with ViPR.

Community stories | 11 October 2013

A family affair

ViPR pro trainer and movement specialist Priscilla Flynn shares how ViPR has become a part of her ever-growing fitness family.

Community stories | 24 September 2013

ViPR in the face of adversity

Canadian personal trainer Vera Needham tells us how she helped her client Fred MacDonnell recover from chronic illness with ViPR training.

General | 30 August 2013

Beginning your Loaded Movement Training

Find out how to incorporate Loaded Movement Training into your fitness program.

General | 30 August 2013

Loaded Movement Training Defined

In this article Loaded Movement Training is defined.