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loadedmovement | 25 March 2015

Spotlight on a trainer: Jan Hutnan

Jan uses ViPR to significantly influence the ageing process, athletic performance, strength and reconditioning of his clients. He believes we must integrate the body’s components as one unit for effective real-life movement.

loadedmovement | 19 March 2015

Playing games with ViPR – Part 3

In part two of this series, ViPR global master coach John Sinclair discussed why play is so important for us and how, regardless of our age, gender or activity level, we all need to add play into our lives. In the final installment, he shares his favorite form of play, which you can incorporate into your training immediately with ViPR.

loadedmovement | 12 March 2015

Strength training with ViPR

Many clients have fitness goals that involve either increasing muscle strength or size. Many clients will want to achieve both goals simultaneously, so it is helpful to know how to design exercise programs with ViPR to achieve those outcomes. ViPR master trainer Pete McCall shows you how.

loadedmovement | 3 March 2015

Stress, relaxation, and thriving in the flow channel

Pontus Wärnestål explores relaxation and stress, and their affect on both our mental and physical states.