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loadedmovement | 16 March 2016

The UK's first PTA Global Mentorship 1 course!

6-7 April, London £499, price includes mentorship course plus online study course in behavioural change in exercise.

loadedmovement | 15 March 2016

Why utilizing ViPR can make you a better coach

Outside of athletic endeavors, people will work with a coach (or trainer, or whatever title you use) for any number of reasons, all of which boil down to one thing: you bring value to their lives. Steve Rast explains more

loadedmovement | 14 March 2016

Exercise as medicine: Prehabilitation for hip surgery patients

Louise Grant discusses how prehabilitation can help clients about to undergo hip surgery.

loadedmovement | 7 March 2016

Loaded movement and myofascial lines

Carla B Sottovia PHD addresses the postural and functional myofascial lines using ViPR.