Canadian personal trainer Vera Needham tells Jessie Ehman how she helped her client Fred MacDonnell recover from chronic illness with ViPR training.

Vera Needham:

I am a medical exercise specialist and personal trainer. When I took my ViPR training last year, I wasn't sure how it would apply to rehab training.

Fred is a hip replacement client. When I first started working with him, he had forward head posture and his overall instability, proprioception, upper body and core strength was weak. He was very wobbly in most exercises. I can’t tell you how well he’s blossomed by using ViPR twice per week. He is now strong and stable. Most people at the fitness centre are amazed with his strength and endurance, and are completely awed when I tell them he is a hip replacement client and a bone cancer survivor.

I see ViPR being used as a performance and sport-training tool, but I don’t know if personal trainers realize its potential with clients like Fred. He is an inspiration to me as a trainer and as a person. Growing old and ViPR are not for sissies. They are for survivors like Fred. 

Fred MacDonnell says:

I have been training with ViPR for approximately one year. I was encouraged to train with Vera Needham after watching her success with other clients in the Port Stanley Fitness Centre. My medical history includes a hip replacement in 2005, bone cancer in 2006, and a chronic case of arthritis in the other hip.

Vera’s knowledge of anatomy, rehabilitation, and proper exercise has been life changing. With ViPR I've seen improvements in my balance, mobility, strength, posture, and attitude. Due to decreased pain, my sleep is greatly improved, and I don't struggle with every-day activities. Most importantly, my attitude is more positive. I am very grateful to Vera and ViPR for improving my quality of life.

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