1. MEFIT Health and Fitness Summit – Dubai, UAE

The biggest health and fitness summit of the Middle East took place in Dubai in October 2017, with more than ten thousand attendees taking their skills and qualifications to the next level with our education and training workshops. Organised by MEFITPRO, the MEFIT Health and Fitness Summit, which is in its 14th year, included some of the best names and equipment in the fitness industry.

Registrants learned from leading fitness experts, tried out new equipment and workouts, and were kept abreast of the latest trends in the fitness world. ViPR master trainer Danny Bartlett delivered a range of ViPR sessions for all the attendees, effectively conditioning and challenging their fitness levels. By educating them on the fundamental principles of Loaded Movement Training, Danny was able to help these future ViPR trainers identify proper guiding strategies when training others towards improved movement and, ultimately, to become better coaches.

Both sessions were fully booked and were a huge hit with our attendees, with one trainer commenting, “Unlike other trainings where we're encouraged to replace or amend our programming, ViPR helps me to simply incorporate this new learning into my current training to achieve my clients’ goals faster and more efficiently.”

2. ViPR MasterCamp – Tokyo, Japan

Our Japan market distributor for ViPR, Bravo Group, recently held two MasterCamp sessions at the Bravo Training Center in Tokyo to further upskill the Japan ViPR master trainer team, as well as train new corporate trainers from several fitness club chains in Japan. Both two-day sessions were led by Jake Duhon, global ViPR education manager, visiting the Japan market for the second time.

The primary focus of the MasterCamp was the upskilling and hands-on training of participants in preparation for effective delivery of the ViPR education courses, LMT-1 and -2. In addition, Jake also shared with participants brand new ViPR initiatives and marketing strategy insights on how to further strengthen the ViPR brand and promote Loaded Movement Training. This included emphasis on the importance of active trainer involvement in creating and sharing content through social media, primarily Facebook, to further expand the local and global ViPR and LMT community.

ViPR Trainers and Jake Duhon in Japan

At the Corporate Trainer MasterCamp, participants who are currently trainers and/or program developers at fitness club organizations learned, and demonstrated, how they can effectively apply a functional movement approach to their session offerings.

Despite their already high level of knowledge and breadth of experience, participants said they were particularly impressed with the new ViPR educational curriculum, and felt it would be very well received by the market.

Bravo Group plans to announce the offering of the new LMT education in February 2018, with delivery by the Japan VMT team beginning in April.

3. ViPR Filming and Training Upskill – London, UK

In the second half of 2017, ViPR Global welcomed Italy to its distribution network. As part of the onboarding process for this new territory, ViPR organised an upskill event that took place at FitPro headquarters in London (UK), delivered by global master trainer (MT) Aaron Barnett. Here trainers were immersed in ViPR’s new education: Loaded Movement Training (LMT) -1 and LMT-2.

ViPR Trainers and Jake Duhon in Japan

These trainers also had the opportunity to be involved in a full day of filming of LMT-2, which was led by global education manager Jake Duhon. The purpose of this filming day was to create an education resource for ViPR’s international MT team. It also gave the Italian trainers a chance to hit the ground running and make themselves known to the wider global team.

Jake Duhon commented, “What a great few days we had with the new Italian team. I'm excited to see how these trainers can influence the market in Italy with their passion for ViPR and Loaded Movement Training education!”

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