Master Trainer Aaron Barnett working out using ViPR

Circuit training has been praised for its time efficiency and the positive impact it has on improving cardiovascular and muscular strength endurance.

Due to the short rest periods, large muscles being worked together and a combination of upper, lower and whole-body exercises, heart rates are elevated beyond recognition for the entire session. A carefully configured circuit class will allow participants to move from one station to another, without undue fatigue.

ViPR global master trainer Aaron Barnett details a workout session for you to try that challenges the body with 3D movement. Barnett says, “My workout will certainly test your strength from every angle. Be prepared to feel muscles you’ve never felt before.”

The session

ViPR-ZIVA superset ladder session

ZIVA – big baselines for better performance.
ViPR – tweak baselines in 3D to gain the extra steps towards success.
Perform 10 reps each. Rest periods will be dictated by the individual. Aim to take roughly 20 seconds between each exercise and complete three rounds.

1. Lunge Hop Tilts
2. Overhead Press Prone Drags
3. Squat to Trans Balance
4. Row Bent-over Trans Shift
5. Kettlebell Swing Alternate Side Swings/Lateral Swings

Training tips

  • If space/equipment is limited, you can use one ViPR and a set of dumbbells to perform the same moves (due to the fact that the circuit integrates the whole body, you won't be missing anything).
  • To begin with, focus on quality of movement, then look at increasing your speed, range of motion or load.

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