Hungarian master trainer Kinga Takacs tells us about her success in introducing ViPR product and education to the Hungarian market through her company, The Movement Clinic.

When I was introduced to ViPR and Loaded Movement Training (LMT) for the first time, I immediately knew this was an area I wanted to teach. Now, five years later, I am extremely proud to have reached my goals in delivering ViPR education and also introducing ViPR to the Hungarian market.

The very first ViPR training course that took place in Hungary was ViPR Loaded Movement Training Level 1 (LMT-1), which was held in 2017. Trainers thoroughly enjoyed the training and were particularly impressed with how it provided them with the understanding they needed to effectively program and select the appropriate type of movement for their clients. Less than one year later, my company The Movement Clinic organized the first LMT Level 2 (LMT-2) course, which was extremely successful, with nearly all participants returning after attending LMT-1.

ViPR LMT-2 training

In Hungary, I've found there are increasing numbers of trainers who are looking to use the tool and learn more about Loaded Movement Training. Most of these trainers work with clients with a variety of goals, namely professional athletes, members of the general public and fitness enthusiasts. The versatility of this tool lends itself to these individuals.

Hungary is a very small country, with only 10 million citizens. Only a very small proportion of these individuals have the opportunity to work in trendy, well-kitted-out gyms that are based in the city. Trainers who are based in the countryside, therefore, need portable tools that can be used in different environments, such as the client's home or a park. ViPR is a great piece of equipment: it fits perfectly into every kind of training type, it gives the opportunity for free movements, we can use it inside or outside, and we can select different weights based on the client's fitness level and goals.

Professional sport is a very important part of Hungarian life. We have many famous Olympic champions who get their salary from the government for the duration of their life. The government invests a lot of money in the preparation of athletes. However, if we want to reach the fitness market with a new tool, firstly we need to win over those who work with these professionals. The best teams in basketball and volleyball work with ViPR and lots of strength coaches give ViPR as an extra load to athletes. I love to use ViPR with my clients, for example, Gréta Kerekes (Hungarian running champion), Róza Darázs (sixth-place Olympian in short track ice skating), Rajmund Fodor (two-times Olympic champion in waterpolo) and also Hollywood actress Eva Mendes.

I am extremely excited about the future of Loaded Movement Training and ViPR in Hungary and I aim to introduce the tool and concept into every forum I can!

Kinga Takacs, ViPR Master Trainer

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Kinga Takacs using ViPR