Japanese Head Master Trainer, Makoto Iwakiri

Makoto Iwakiri was born and raised in the countryside of Japan. His fitness journey began when he started working for a Japanese real estate company in the new business development section. His first project was starting up a fitness club chain in the city. With little knowledge of the industry, he quickly developed an interest in the area and soon developed a strong passion for health and fitness. After several years he decided to take the leap and began taking steps to become a personal trainer. His passion and determination to succeed shone through, and in 2012 he opened his own fitness club: fitboxFunC.

He says, "The reason I started my own gym is so I can help to improve the functional abilities of everyone that steps into my facility."

So, you may be wondering how ViPR™ played a role in his journey. Well, 2012 was not only the year that he opened his facility, but also when Makoto was introduced to and began promoting ViPR, with Bravo Group distributor Mr Boardman.

Makoto immediately fell in love with the tool as it followed his ethos and aim to help improve the functional abilities of all, no matter what their training goal. Today, he co-leads the ViPR master trainer team (responsible for delivering ViPR™ education to trainers) in Japan, alongside fellow head master trainer Mr Mikihiro Tominaga.

Makoto tells us, "ViPR is a great tool that has such diverse functions, is efficient and, most importantly, is fun to work out with. It is extremely versatile and can be used from personal training and group exercise through to team training, and yet easily meets any client's expectation. This was what I was looking for. ViPR has changed my life. Thank you very much to the ViPR global team."

See Makoto performing half kneeling shifts and lifts to improve hip and torso mobility in 3D.

For live training dates in Japan please head over to our website: www.viprfit.com/education