ViPR pro trainer and movement specialist Priscilla Flynn shares how ViPR has become a part of her ever-growing fitness family.

I have been using ViPR for about three years and it has changed my body and mind. As a former traditional trainer and an aerobics instructor of 12 years, ViPR helped me undo years of damage. Becoming movement-strong has also alleviated my injuries and strengthened my system.

These days, my entire business is based on integrated training. Alongside my husband and fellow ViPR pro trainer, I run the fitness company In2great Fitness. We currently have 22 ViPR in our studio and offer specific ViPR classes on our timetable. Due to popular demand, we also employ four ViPR trainers in our facility.

Everyone loves ViPR, including our friends and families! In fact, my father and I often use ViPR during outdoor boot camp sessions and my mum also has joined in the fun. Even our company website,, has been updated to feature my husband and myself posing with ViPR products. In other ViPR news, I recently attended a nationwide fundraiser with a group of national ViPR pro trainers in Melbourne, Australia.

My husband and I are amazed by how much ViPR has changed our business and sparked the curiosity of those around us. In a single ViPR class, we will experience a diverse range of clientéle, all performing a variation of the same move with different weights and movement bubbles, but still enjoying the brilliance of ViPR.

As a result of the variation ViPR provides, many of our clients report 'feeling good' after a workout, and notice they feel worked out but not completely burnt out. This is a sign that they have used their whole system (including their brain) over the course of the exercise. Additionally, after training with ViPR, our clients and trainers report feeling more efficient in terms of overall movement.

Here are five of my favorite ViPR moves, all performed in a circuit style with 40 seconds on and 40 seconds off with mobilizers in between:


      1.   Diagonal ViPR shift with forward and back stepping lunge in offset grip 

      Start with hands in an offset grip and shift ViPR over the front leg as you step forwards. As you step back, shift ViPR in the opposite direction, thrusting upwards in a smooth motion. ViPR should create a diagonal line in the frontal plane as one leg repeats a forward and back step.


      2. Widegrip ViPR throwdown

      Start with ViPR at shoulder height in an uppercut position (left leg forwards/left arm back). Step the right leg forwards as you throw the left hand over the right knee. Repeat the forward and back step with the right leg as ViPR swings around the body.


      3.   Lateral uppercut swing with an offset grip

Picture a tennis forehand shot. Take a lateral right step as the right arm winds backwards to open the shoulder and then follows through back to the start position. Keep the trail foot firm into the ground. The lighter the ViPR, the better to increase the range and speed.


      4.   Reverse lunge overhead shift

Grip the cylinder on either side of the single handle on the tube (single handle facing away from you) and shift ViPR overhead as you take an alternating reverse step. Allow the hips to tilt upwards, so that the spine stays straight and the front of the body is loaded.


      5.   Crawl pattern push/pull with lateral hip drop

Assume the position shown in the picture and then allow the left hip to drive the right arm into a push movement.