Attendees at the ViPR Russia training

Earlier this month, ViPR™ global master trainer Aaron Barnett headed to Moscow to deliver ViPR education at one of the leading fitness education events in Russia, Coach Club. The event was hosted and organized by MFitness (ViPR distributor and largest supplier of fitness equipment and education in the country).

The Coach Club events aim to help fitness professionals achieve their goals in the industry through seminars with the latest fitness equipment. ViPR training featured at the event alongside other seminars, namely Myofascial Release, Functional Movement Screen, and Pilates.

Over four days, Aaron delivered the ViPR personal training programs: Loaded Movement Training-1 (LMT-1); LMT-2; and the world's first delivery of ViPR Active Aging – the new specialist training course co-created with the Functional Aging Institute.

The training was hugely successful, with more than 75 attendees diving deep into all things Loaded Movement Training and ViPR.

Aaron commented:

“All trainers were extremely receptive to the content and truly understood the concept of LMT. By the end of the event, they were developing their own strategies and programming ideas. It was great to see their evolution of learning – from knowing very few basic exercises to developing amazing new exercises and workouts. It was a brilliant week working with such talented fitness professionals who showed such passion to learn. A huge thanks also goes to MFitness for its hospitality and organizing a great crowd and event.”

Attendee and personal trainer Grigory Levakov commented:

“ViPR Global, thank you for the amazing tool and scientifically based educational content. Thank you for building up the international community of LMT professionals around the world. It's been four busy, interesting days; I can't wait to put my new skills into practice.”

The event concluded with MasterCamp, a day aimed at selecting the elite in the industry to represent ViPR in delivering education to new fitness professionals. The fitness market in Russia is showing a shift from traditional training methods to functional training, therefore, it is key that, now more than ever, fitness professionals develop their skills in this area. The team at ViPR HQ see it as a really exciting time for the Russian market and can't wait to bring new trainers into the global team to spread the word of LMT and continue to grow the global community.

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