Recently we caught up with our ViPR and FitPro head of education, Aaron Barnett about his experiences delivering education in three major territories in Asia and UAE.

Here’s what Aaron had to say on the past year

"Firstly I’d like to say what an amazing privilege it has been to work globally with ViPR this year. As the brand celebrates its tenth year anniversary I think it’s so cool that there is still lots of development to be done and still lots of opportunities to grow the tool and the brand, not only locally in the UK but globally. Since joining the ViPR team I have travelled more than I had imagined, met new people, experienced different cultures and made new friends across the world. And 2019 really has topped it off!"

This year has been dominated by Asia and UAE, upgrading ViPR and working with our distributors Bravo Group in Japan, MEFITPRO in Dubai and Unifitness in China."

So let’s begin at the beginning, with your experience training in Japan.

"In Japan, along side Bravo Group, we expanded our ViPR offering by delivering ViPR KIDS and ViPR Active Ageing Master Camps, upgrading the current Japan Master Trainer Team, so that they now have the ability to deliver and support their communities with no boundaries of age or condition. In Japan, ViPR truly is for everyone. In a country that has an ageing population, training at both ends of the age and performance spectrum is more important than ever.

“My highlights of Japan include working with one of our most experienced, active, driven and meticulous group of Master Trainers. This team really are the gold standard of education, and I don't mind saying have an intimidating level of knowledge. However, Bravo group and the team were also humble, generous with their energy during the education and first class when it comes to building relationships and hospitality, making it a trip to never forget.”

Next how was the training in Dubai?

In Dubai, with the help of MEFITPRO and their unrelenting effort to improve the quality of coaching in the region, ViPR is going through an exciting resurgence in the UAE, as well as bridging the gap and bringing education to Egypt and Saudi Arabia for the first time!

My time in Dubai was spent building a new Middle Eastern Master Trainer Team. MEFITPRO bought together a hand-picked selection of the best and most passionate coaches in the region and we taught them everything they needed to become great Master Trainers. The team will shortly completing our rigorous Master Trainer assessment process and we wish them the best of luck at the final stage.

I’ve had the pleasure to work in Dubai a number of times over the last 5 years and I am always astounded how much their coaching knowledge and application grows each time I return. This time was no different. In a relatively young market for movement training the standard of coaching now rivals anywhere else in the world!

Lastly, how did you find the Master Training camps in China?

“What Can I say… two Master Trainer camps, fifty assessments and NINETEEN Master Trainers… What a ride!

With the largest group of Master Trainer Rookies ever, working with boundless energy for twelve hours each day, to become a part of the new and improved China Master Trainer Team. It certainly put my work ethic to the test, but no longer will I complain about being tired at work!

We have taken on some of the hardest working fitness influencers in China and along side Unifitness we look forward to seeing the rebirth of ViPR.”

In conclusion what are your key takeaways from traveling all over the world introducing and educating communities on ViPR?
“As I look back on my experiences this year, there are a couple common threads, that seems to be unique and that tie these three territories together.

They each have a demand and a thirst for live, person-to-person education. You can’t beat it. Nothing compares to sharing education and ideas in a room full of like-(and sometimes not so)-minded people. For me the value in education doesn’t come from the course content itself, but the people that add their experiences to it. They believe in this in Asia and as a result have some of the best and smartest coaches in the world.“

“I had translators for this journey and I appreciate each one who helped me deliver the content (and eat). But the gold wasn’t found in what was said but instead how people picked up a ViPR and moved with it, had fun with it, sweated with it and learnt with it. I love the phrase ‘motion creates emotion’ and over the last year this has been more evident and true.”

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