Rania is an industry leader in the Middle East and Asia sub-continent regions with 24 years of fitness experience. Coming from a medical background and with a deep passion for fitness, Rania changed her career and turned her passion into a mission to spread the message of health and fitness. She took on the challenge to revolutionise the industry in the region and has played a key role in shaping the industry and inspiring thousands to pursue their fitness dreams.

Owning and directing MEFITPRO, based in Dubai, UAE, and Professional Fitness, based in Delhi, India, Rania has helped to launch and develop over 22 world-leading fitness brands in the region, including ViPR. She has also founded the annual MEFIT Health and Fitness Summit, the region’s only educational fitness convention. In addition to ViPR, Rania is also a master trainer and educator for PTA Global and TRX. As a former Les Mills master trainer and training manager, Rania was instrumental in launching and growing Les Mills in the Middle East and India.

Being a mother of two (Keanu, 19 and Keira, 15), Rania's ultimate focus is to improve the status of children's health and fitness in the middle eastern region. Coming from Lebanese origin, speaking three languages, being brought up in a multicultural society and living in the United Arab Emirates for the past 22 years, Rania always seeks opportunities to empower women in sport and fitness.

Whether leading group fitness classes, personal training or lecturing and running education courses, Rania’s energy and enthusiasm will surely have you leaving with a memorable experience.

FitPro: How did you come to learn about ViPR?

Rania Boucher: Through FitPro and my company MEFITPRO being the official distributor for ViPR. I was introduced to this amazing tool about 10 years ago.  

FP: What do trainers in the UAE most enjoy about ViPR as a tool? 

RB: Trainers in the Middle East absolutely love the tool because it’s fun to use and it’s suitable for everyone, from total beginners and general exercisers to top athletes. Many use it in their beach bootcamps and outdoor sessions, in addition to one-to-one and group PT sessions in various gyms around town. Some even use it for rehab and aqua training in pools.  

FP: What is your personal favourite thing about ViPR and Loaded Movement Training? 

RB: I just absolutely love how ViPR and LMT bridge the gap between strength, functional and movement training. ViPR provides highly effective, multiplanar and versatile full-body workouts.  

FP: Can you say a few things about how you integrate it with other forms or training (we love your ViPR boxing and ViPR animal flow)?

RB: I love using ViPR to create variety in my workouts and challenge my body in different ways and planes of motion. I also integrate ViPR with my animal flow training to add load and intensity and I use it within boxing training to add precision and power. I also use ViPR and LMT when I teach the PTA Global Diploma in Personal Training: in RAQS and GAMES. I use it to help my students understand 3D movement and how to load the myofascial lines. I also use this powerful tool to help students learn a different way of adapting the workout according to their client’s style and level of ability.   

Movement1: Here Rania is performing a Heavy ViPR Clean, building whole body power and stability.



Movement 2: Here Rania is performing a ViPR X Animal Flow. This is a tilt with kick through, focusing on loaded mobility and coordination.


Movement 3: Here Rania is performing a ViPR reverse lunge half halo, opening up hips and T-spine.


Movement 4: Here Rania is performing a ViPR overhead hold trailing high knees, developing plyometric ability with torso stability.