Yet again, ViPR continues to grow globally and we are proud to announce the inclusion of new ViPR community members, in existing and brand new territories.

We have Giancarlo and Susanne, our dynamic duo from i-move Italy, who will be launching ViPR distribution and training in Italy and Germany for the very first time. Together they have built a service which they believe best fits the needs of their local community, specialising in functional forms of training. They are now looking to inspire and educate like-minded fitness professionals across their entire territory.

We also have Dale from Fitness Ventures Group who will be supporting the growth of ViPR in Australia. Dale is an experienced Fitness Industry Executive with a demonstrated history of growing and developing brands in the Asia-Pacific region.

All three have been working enthusiastically with us to better understand ViPR and Loaded Movement Training, so that they can meet the needs of the trainers and businesses in their territories. We have had a great time getting to know them, sharing our standards of education, uncovering the gold nuggets of LMT and throwing shapes with ViPR!

Head of Training Aaron Barnett caught up with them recently and got to ask them a few questions so you can get to know them better.


Q&A with our new ViPR teammates.

Aaron: Let’s kick this off by telling us where you are from and where do you work?

Dale: I am in Brisbane, Australia and I am the founder of Fitness Ventures Group.

Giancarlo: We are the owners of i-move Italy, based in Padua, near the North East coast of Italy.

Aaron: How long have you been working in the fitness industry?

Dale: I have been working in the fitness industry for well over 10 years now.

Giancarlo: I began working in a gym when I was 20 years old whilst studying to become a fitness trainer. That was 36 years ago!

Aaron: Why are you in the industry, what was your spark?

Dale: I loved playing sports at a competitive level, which helped create a passion for the fitness industry and its business.

Giancarlo: Since I was 15 years old I have been exercising in gyms. I had 19 years competing at bodybuilding, so I have always loved the gym and wanted to have my own space where I could help others achieve their goals.

Aaron: What do you do in the fitness Industry currently?

Dale: Right now, I am the Vice President for Gym80 APAC and founder of FVG which helps to bring premium fitness brands to Australia. 

Giancarlo: I manage my own gym, i-move. From my gym I personal train clients of all levels of physical ability.

Aaron: What has been your standout achievement in the industry?

Dale: I have a couple!

1. Working with the highly regarded Pure Fitness sites across Hong Kong, Singapore and China.

2. Completing the state-of-the-art TotalFusion Platinum club, one of the best installations for virtual fitness in the world.

3. Helped YMCA Victoria launch virtual group fitness classes with Fitness On Demand, as part of an exclusive partnership to bring health and wellness innovation across Victoria.

Giancarlo: My best achievement has been the opening of my own space. A space where I can help my community in the best way with all of the best tools, including ViPR!

Aaron: What first attracted you to ViPR?

Dale: Our mutual friends at Unifitness in China (ViPR Distributor) recommended taking a look at the ViPR product and education. ViPRs had caught my eye in the gyms that I train in, so it was great to put the methodology to the tool.

Giancarlo: ViPR first caught our eye at a fitness convention in Australia. It spoke to the naturopath in me and I immediately loved the tool and what you could do with it.

Aaron: What excites you most about ViPR?

Dale: ViPR is such a great unique product and training tool. The variety of movement patterns and fun members can have when training with a ViPR excites me the most. 

Giancarlo: ViPR allows me and my clients to express ourselves in every movement possible. It is at the heart of what makes us human.

Aaron: Which is your favourite phase of ViPR? Vitality, Performance or Reconditioning?

Dale: I love the Performance element - People moving dynamically and getting after it!

Giancarlo: Vitality - It expresses life!

Aaron: If you had to choose, which exercise do you like more: Bench Press or Deadlift?

Dale: It still has to be Bench Press but I’m loving the ViPR Single leg deadlift to weight shift. That’s kicking my ass literally.

Giancarlo: Deadlift. It has a use for helping us become stronger in everyday life and sport.

Aaron: Do you have a favourite quote?

Dale: "It always seems impossible, until it's done." Nelson Mandela 

Giancarlo: “There is no medicine you can take that will replace what you can do for your own health.”

Aaron: What is your spirit animal?

Dale: Blue Frenchie (That’s a French Bulldog)

Giancarlo: I love all animals. But maybe the tiger is my favourite!

Aaron: Where can our ViPR community find out more?

Dale: You can check me out on instagram @fitnessventuresgroup @dale.lindsay86 and at

Giancarlo:You can see us at @imove_with_vipr and at

Make sure you check out your teammates, show them some love and your support and drop them a line for their expert services.