JP is an ex Brit, now living in Perth, Australia who was one of the original Master Trainers for ViPR! He was fortunate enough to spend lots of time with Michol back in the day, absorbing everything loaded movement training!

JP is now a full time as an educator, mentor, writer and ambassador but still finds the time to get deep and play with his favourite tools the ViPR. Inspired by ViPR and everything he learnt as a Master Trainer he has even created a movement program called The Next Level Movement Mentorship which won JP Educator or the Year from the Exercise Association of New Zealand and it’s completely in line with loaded movement training.

About his mentorship JP says “It’s impossible not to use ViPR along the way.”

During this video series JP walks and talks us through:

•   Deep front line to lateral line shift

•   Walking combat core

•   Momentum deadshifts

•   Deadshift halos

•   Beast drag

Top tip:

•   Start small and slowly with each movement, using a lighter ViPR load and as you become movement competent begin to grow your range, speed and load.

•   Remember that different ways of progressing the exercises give your clients different challenges and outcomes so explore each exercise in a way that meets your clients needs.