At ViPR we thought that we would give you a helping hand and offer some go to ViPR programmes that are perfect for some key client goals. These programmes are great for busy gyms, new clients looking for fresh ideas or continuing clients taking there exercise to the next level.

Each programme serves as a standalone that can be followed from start to finish, or they can be plugged in to a training session along side other training components.

In these videos and with the programme examples, Coach Azza takes us through ViPR for mobility, strength and heart rate conditioning. 
The ViPR mobility programme is great for clients that have had a lazy or stress driven December and are feeling the niggles that sedentary living brings. It’s also a great routine to warm up your clients at the beginning of a session.
The ViPR Strength programme incorporates heavier loads and slower movements that will create tension and overload in order to maximise strength gains from each and every angle. Great for building muscle or bulletproofing the body for you client’s favourite activities.