Jake Duhon explains how a personal journey awakened in him an understanding of Loaded Movement Training. 

I am sold on Loaded Movement Training from having been in the resistance-training realm for so long. Over the past couple of years I have struggled with the concept. I did not feel that I really grasped it, until I was ripped out of the gym setting and forced to train with the set of ViPR in the back of my car. This was in order to pay the bills at home and provide for my family. Through this time of discomfort, training wherever I could find an open space, the true benefits of Loaded Movement Training began to be revealed and a much deeper understanding of its simplicity was uncovered. People began moving better and at a faster rate than I have ever witnessed in a training environment. The beautiful thing here was that they were all ‘just moving’ with load and fully enjoying it! 

In relation to movement training, I have had my fair share of struggles with separating these two mindsets. As we are transitioning from our linear world of steel weights, pulleys, cams and cables, I feel that resistance is one word that keeps us from fully transitioning over to this new realm in which we are merely dabbling at the moment. This is a good thing because there must always be a reliance on the past, in order to move into the future, and resistance training is the path that will take us there. There is no right or wrong, merely a difference in forms of movement training that perhaps we have yet to fully understand and unearth. 

As for now, I feel that resistance training ties us back to a fixed point within a realm of motion where Loaded Movement Training provides the ability to begin training the body, through load, to move beyond that fixed point into a greater realm of movement progression at varying levels that we are really just beginning to understand. Can you perform this type of training with traditional tools? Absolutely. Will there be greater limiting factors based on those tools? Perhaps. I do believe this is the area that we will continue to see endless progression in, as it is where the rest of the world still lives and what we must continue to gain an understanding of.