FitPro catches up with ViPR trainer Steve Tongue, who reflects on a year of exciting developments for team ViPR.

As I'm sure you already know if you're reading this, I'm a huge ViPR™ fan. I just love the way such a simple tool can offer so many training possibilities to such a broad array of people. ViPR is one of the four key tools I use every day in my Nottingham personal training business to help people move better and feel healthier. As part of my role as a ViPR pro trainer, I attended training in London with several other pro trainers from around the globe. Over the course of a hard-working weekend I was inspired by new ViPR innovations and excited to discover just how much ViPR still has to offer. Here is just a glimpse of what we enjoyed throughout 2014.


ViPR Group Fitness

 One of the big developments in ViPR this year was the launch of instructor-led ViPR classes. The classes come in two formats: ViPR 3D and ViPR Athletic

ViPR 3D is a pre-choreographed class to music. The aim of this short, high-intensity class is to teach your body three-dimensional movement patterns step by step under instructor guidance. The instructor will offer progressive levels to help meet the varying levels of fitness in the class. 

If, like me, you're not big on choreography, then ViPR Athletic is for you. In this class you will be taught exercises to enhance your movement quality and agility. Each exercise will be repeated in timed intervals, which you can perform at your own pace and level. 



ViPR for strength 

If you are into strength training, this is certainly for you. ViPR strength programmes are launching this year. Featuring two key workouts, Lifting and Shifting, this programme helps you create functional strength in upright, prone and supine positions and is about blending good three-dimensional movement with whole-body strength. This programme makes every joint strong and stable in every direction: I love it!



ViPR for movement preparation

There are many ways to integrate ViPR into your training programme or activity. One of the applications of ViPR is to use it as a warm-up tool to mobilise your joints in all manner of directions. This prepares you well for your sport or workout training session. The ViPR movement prep programme offers some exercises that will subtly loosen stiff joint motions, offering more freedom of movement to live, play or compete. 


ViPR for flexibility

Stretching can be a chore for many and, often, it's a part of your training plan that gets skipped time and time again. ViPR flexibility training not only makes stretching more fun and challenging but the three-dimensional nature of the tool means that your range of motion improves in every direction. I have been using this programme to funk up the stretch routines of my clients and myself. After a full stretch session you feel so loose.


ViPR for sport

The ViPR team has been working on sports-specific programmes to enhance competitive performance. The targeted sports have not yet been finalised and it is likely to be an ever-growing list but there is certainly a big demand for ViPR rugby, football and golf programmes to start. If you train for a particular sport, this is not to be missed. Watch this space. 



Until this year, ViPR has been available in the following weights in the UK: 4kg, 6kg, 8kg, 10kg, 12kg, 14kg, 16kg and 20kg. The new 26kg ViPR launched this year and wow, it's a beast. This is best used for strength and power exercises with capable, strong athletes. It works well for sports-specific markets, such as rugby and American football. I've had a go with this and it is more than a handful but I know a few people who would absolutely love it. 


Loaded Movement Training is the future of fitness and performance. If you want to find out more about ViPR, want to try ViPR out for yourself or would like some training and tuition from a ViPR specialist trainer,



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