ViPR has introduced two innovative workshops: Movement Preparation and ViPR and Lifting and Shifting for Strength. It is important to note that both programs have unique differences with regard to how they elicit responses in the body. 


These upskill workshops focus on:

·         the key elements of lifting, shifting and movement preparation

·         what makes these elements so unique and the application of these concepts

·         helping you to gain a deeper knowledge of ViPR and more application of specificity

·         how you can successfully implement these programs and address your clients’ needs.





Movement Preparation and ViPR

Human tissue is designed to be dynamic; due to the effects of our modern lifestyle, skin, muscle and fascia have a tendency to become less dynamic. If any of these tissues lose elasticity, the whole structure begins to break down and becomes less efficient and effective. Therefore, regardless of the state of conditioning, every individual should strategically prepare the body for proper functioning prior to activity.

The Movement Preparation eight-hour workshop demonstrates how to restore body-wide tissue dynamics to provide the benefits of superior movement patterns and effectiveness, and decrease the risk of tissue injury, be it chronic or acute stress.


Lifting and Shifting for Strength

This combined program is presented as an eight-hour workshop, which uses ViPR and the gravity-to-ground principle to create strength by placing authentic top-down stress on the system. Opting for ViPR in lifting and shifting patterns helps to build better neural sequencing and increase mechanical movement progressions.

The strength series draws on ViPR strength for lifting patterns, with the common factor being that ViPR will move up in a field of gravity to provide a top-down influence of force on the body and provide an authentic tissue stress consistent with that of gravity and ground reaction force. After introducing these challenges to a structured training program, authentic strength/stability, and mechanical and neural adaptations will transfer into movement seen in life.

Shifting, however, is defined as performing work and moving a mass through a field of gravity and requires a unique neural, stability and mechanical challenge. This particular program builds a neural and mechanical progression with the added variety of ViPR shifting drills. ViPR has the unique capacity to load shifting patterns and was designed partly for this purpose.

Delve deeper into the science of ViPR, develop your client offerings and enhance your own knowledge by booking yourself on one of these workshops.

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 NB: All programs come with comprehensive online support as part of the workshop price.