Since 2011, Jan Hutnan has been a ViPR Australian pro trainer. His greatest influences when it comes to ViPR development are Michol Dalcourt, Derek Vandenbrink and Matt Truscott and he’s now a proud ambassador for the Institute of Motion (US). In 2014, Jan opened personal training boutique studio EvoPrime Fitness with his fiancée Chantel at Airlie Beach, North Queensland. Their focus is on movement, nutrition, recovery and mindset. “EvoPrime Fitness is about longevity and real-life movement,” he says.

Jan believes the body is complicated and clever and that its ‘parts’ must support each other. “We can’t rely solely on the muscular system,” he says. “By integrating the body’s components as one unit, we can make it run smoothly. We must train with variety and different emphasis on speeds, loads, heights, footprints, handprints and angles. Add these factors to multi-directional and Loaded Movement Training and we complete the formula for longevity of life. ViPR is a complete concept that significantly influences the ageing process, athletic performance, strength in life and reconditioning.”


He concludes, “ViPR is a life-changing tool for me and the people around me.”

Watch Jan: 

ViPR from EvoPrime Fitness on Vimeo.