Back in 2009, Michol Dalcourt approached FitPro with an idea: a revolutionary idea that would allow the body to train under load in the way the body was meant to move. Immediately we understood the value of this tool to the personal trainer and believed it could be the next big development to change the face of the industry. The tool was almost two years in development, experimenting with different materials, various weights, colours and dimensions.


After playing with potential names that didn’t quite get the message across about what this tool could achieve, we had the light-bulb moment and landed on an acronym: ViPR. Vitality. Performance. Reconditioning.


Six years later, ViPR is a highly respected global brand with a strong community. We at FitPro are very proud to have brought ViPR to the global fitness community. We are constantly reinforcing the Loaded Movement Training concept and encourage our community to spread the ViPR message.


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Jane Waller

Jane Waller

Director and global ViPR manager