Rui Abrantes is a human movement specialist. He is fascinated by the efficiency of the human body, leading with gravity and ground reaction force (GRF). Rui has a deep understanding of the human foot and its contribution to all chain reactions. He bases the rehabilitation of his clients on gait analysis and facilitates the micro to macro movements in the body, starting in the foot, with his hands.

Rui is certified in applied functional science and is the director of the Movement Lab Center based in Lisbon, Portugal. He is also an invited professor of the Lusofona University in the Faculty of Sports and a ViPR master trainer.

Rui says, “ViPR – and the science behind it – is the tool and the concept that is going to change how fitness professionals operate, through a deep understanding of multidirectional movement and a connective tissue approach, instead of a linear and muscle-based approach.

“ViPR is my number-one tool to bring my clients back from injury to movement with load, and to keep my athletes free from injuries, improving their reaction to assymetrical tensions on their fascial system. The challenge ViPR creates for the body structure through a neuro-myofascial reaction link will accelerate the unconscious movements of performance.”