Music stimulates the mind, body and soul. It inspires you, gives you an energy boost and stirs your emotions, as FitPro’s music manager Dean Steer explains.

Synchronization of music to a workout can lead to increased performance, as the tempo can regulate movement and be used to make energy use more efficient. This in turn helps the client/clients perform to a higher level than they ordinarily would, which essentially helps them achieve better results and therefore increased interest in the continuance of exercise. 

Using music will divert the attention away from exercise fatigue and also promote a more positive state of mind. Happy thoughts will be more prominent and negative feelings will ease.

Small groups who participate in physical training together will also benefit as it becomes more of a social event and, when people hear music they recognize or enjoy, it triggers memories and emotions, which helps motivate them to work harder and for longer periods.

Group exercise instructors will already have seen this happening in their classes but, if you are from a PT background and have not worked with music in your sessions previously, then this may not be apparent. Incorporating music makes exercising a more fun experience and, by including songs that your exercisers find motivational, it helps in distracting them from the tough workout you are putting them through. As leading authority on music and exercise Costas Karageorghis PhD, from London’s Brunel University School of Sport and Education, says, “Music is like a legal drug for athletes. It can reduce the perception of effort significantly and increase endurance by as much as 15%.”1

Using professionally mixed music not only saves you time, but will ensure you are using the best motivational tracks at the correct bpm – obviously key to being able to complete full range of motion while exercising. For example, a bpm of 120-130 is appropriate for squats and lunges, while a bpm of 145-160 is great for high-intensity training. 

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