You’ve seen what ViPR can do for your adult clients – now you can apply the concept of Loaded Movement Training to the youngest generation to develop healthy, happy and confident kids into adulthood with the brand new ViPR Kids program from FitPro.


ViPR Kids enables children to move and perform better, both in life and sport. The ViPR Kids workshop shows you how to apply ViPR to workouts for kids of different age groups, improving their balance, strength and coordination with a whole-body, healthy approach to exercise. We’ll also address the motivational factors for each age range and show you how to facilitate a group environment to ensure all the kids are safe and using ViPR effectively in each 30-minute session. You’ll learn how to progress and regress movements and see how ViPR’s scientific anchors apply to your smallest clients.


Using games, PLAY and challenges like the ones shown below, ViPR Kids aims to energize children, building their self-esteem while improving their overall fitness.


If you want to know more about the ViPR Kids program and how to become a ViPR Kids trainer, contact ViPR education in your territory or email us at: