FitPro LIVE 2015 welcomed an international ViPR delegation from Brazil, South Africa, Holland, Portugal, USA, Costa Rica, UAE, South East Asia, Mexico, Greece and Sweden, showing just how global the Loaded Movement Training tool has become. ViPR trainers attended the launch of ViPR Kids and ViPR Military, plus Movement Prep, Lifting and Shifting for Strength upskill workshops. The feedback was outstanding.

Carla Sottovia from Brazil said, “The three upskill workshops, particularly ViPR Kids and Movement Prep, were full of great content and programming ideas. I’m looking forward to launching them to the Brazilian market!”

Sweden’s Stina Onsdal attended ViPR Military and described it as “nothing but awesome. When something you train can be translated right for a certain group of people/a certain need, it’s really cool and valuable to see. In fact, the time we trained was not very long at all, but the effect (and pain J) in my body afterwards … just awesome!” JJ Sweeney from Indonesia was in agreement, adding, “ViPR Military is an awesome program. I can see this getting bigger.”


Check out this snippet from our brand new ViPR Kids workshop to see how ViPR develops kids’ coordination and strength and improves their performance in sport and real life: 


Remember, ViPR team, that if you have any great images or footage of creative ways to incorporate ViPR into your PT sessions or personal workouts, send them in to – we’d love to see what you’re doing with the tool. 


We hope to see you at an upskill workshop soon!


Jane Waller