Guest blogger Aaron Barnett, UK national ViPR trainer, gives us a glimpse into his own training using ViPR.

This video is of me performing a ViPR dance: I feel funky!

Today is a moderate-intensity, steady-state training day (65%-80% HR MAX). Here is a video of a section from my session. Using a variety of ViPR series, including tilts, flips and standing drags (to offset the shoulders), ViPR was continuously moved, in a large space, with very few rules. When the shoulders got tired, ViPR went to the floor, but the movement continued. When the heart rate rose above 80%, the movements were slowed down or the range was decreased. 

I like to dance. I like to challenge my rhythm, timing and coordination. I like to play and have fun when I ‘work out’. When performing a ViPR flow – or, as I like to call it, dance – it is vital to find your rhythm. Today I used music to drive my body's internal rhythm. Music is a great tool for people who tell you they "have no coordination". By starting small and slowly increasing the complexity, using music with a strong continuous beat, we can help facilitate people finding their own rhythm and timing and help to drive healthy, fun movement. 

Post-dance, I feel refreshed, loose, a little hungry and ready to attack tomorrow's HIIT training!

Have you got the moves?

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