Kazuhiro Ikakeyama created his own business after working in a fitness club for eight years and helped more than 20,000 people including top athletes and celebrities. The trainer studied the ‘skillful touch’ method in the US in 2010, which is to approach fascia using the hands, and developed his original training program/method to improve a client’s physical movement and bring out their best performance by integrating the whole body. In 2011, he accompanied a professional golfer as a trainer on the Japanese tour and international tours and led the win. He also worked for competitive cyclist Koji Yamaguchi and facilitated his winning the GP Title and Money Title. Ikakeyama is known as the trainer who makes the impossible possible.

 Here he demonstrates a fantastic ViPR series that gets the whole body moving in challenging sequences and movement patterns.


Kazuhiro Ikakeyama is president of Vivicious Works Japan Inc