Global ViPR manager Jane Waller reflects on ViPR’s key achievements in 2015, from the launch of the ViPR Kids program at FitPro LIVE 2015 to the brand new MOSSA ViPR Workout and, finally, to the exciting developments with training provider TRIBE Team Training™ and its TribeLIFE program. Waller also shares new initiatives for the year ahead and how you can get yourself featured in the ViPR newsletter! Read on ...

With the New Year almost upon us, we pause to reflect on just some of ViPR’s amazing achievements this year. We can safely say that, in 2015, ViPR has taken over the Loaded Movement space. What was once seen as a ‘luxury’ is now an essential piece of functional equipment in any gym, fitness studio and PT’s toolkit. Regardless of whether PTs own a ViPR or not, they know that it’s THE piece of functional kit that does what it says on the box! There has been a huge amount of activity with ViPR in 2015, and we would like to send a big thank you to our dedicated distributor network and master trainer team worldwide, who help us spread the Loaded Movement message.


In 2015, we have seen ViPR programmed into other global brands and programs: MOSSA and TRIBE Team Training. The brand new MOSSA ViPR Workout has been launched in the US, UK, Japan, Australia, and Sweden to overwhelming feedback. From season five this year, TRIBE Team Training added ViPR series to its TribeLIFE program to resounding reviews.


At FitPro LIVE 2015, we launched the ViPR Kids program, the ViPR Military Workout, and ViPR for the Pre/Postnatal Woman, which demonstrated the versatility of the tool in every population. In 2016, we will have a brand new look, and will add a section to our newsletter about the creative programming our trainers are developing with special populations. If you would like to be featured in the 2016 ViPR newsletter, please contact us at We are excited about other new initiatives in 2016, where we will look to explore ViPR in rehabilitation and working with third-age populations.


We will also have brand new marketing campaigns to support what all of us are yelling about: “Get Loaded!” Watch this space for new developments. See you in 2016 … happy and safe holidays.

Jane Waller

Jane Waller

FitPro Director

Global ViPR Manager