Welcome to the new Question and Answer Zone! Every edition of the newsletter will now have a Q&A Zone where one of our fantastic ViPR global educators will answer your most burning questions about ViPR!

This week, Jan Hutnan takes control of the Q&A Zone.

Jan Hutnan

Hi there, I’m Jan. I’ve been a ViPR pro trainer in Australia since 2011 and I am part of the Global Education team. 

Seeing as this is the first ViPR Q&A Zone, I picked the following questions that were sent to me to answer as, while simple, we want to ensure we are giving our clients the right information from the beginning, and that we are explaining the ‘why’ in enough detail.

So here you go: check them out!

Q. What weights I should start with? 

A. A general rule of thumb is, for each drill where ViPR doesn't leave the ground (tilt, flip, drag, etc.), we can use 12kg+. For series such as shift, carry, shlift or lift, I recommend 4-8kg. 

However, for men, I advise to use 6kg or 8kg and, for women, 4kg or 6kg.

The main reasons for this: 

·         Loaded Movement Training is about taking a sub-maximal load and moving with it over a greater degree of freedom. When the load goes up, your degree of freedom must go down and, vice versa, when the load goes down, your degree of freedom increases.

·         ViPR has a certain weight only on the ground when still. Once we pick ViPR up and start using it, its weight changes due to numerous reasons: leverage, hold, handprint, vector, height, etc.

Q. What are the main benefits of incorporating ViPR into my training program? 

A. Firstly, I love the word ‘incorporating’. I personally like to see a lot of variety in training because of the benefits anchored to each style. 

There are a lot of benefits; however, one is very profound. The human body is an integration of fascia, bones, nerves, and muscles. All these systems must have a synergistic relationship for life or sport performance, and they have a unique responsibility in movement. Training with ViPR enhances adaption in all these systems. And this is a big deal for overall outcome. 

Send in your questions to  vipr@fitpro.com.  or post them on our social media Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/viprfit and Twitter pages and we will endeavor to provide you with answers that will help yours and your clients’ ViPR training and knowledge to reach new heights!