ViPR used outdoors

India, with its billion plus people, cultural diversity and economic boom, is at a very exciting stage of growth. From tech giants to fast-moving consumer goods, everyone has eyes on India. Its population is busy with all this buzz and is looking for that work-life balance at gyms, parks, trails, stadiums and even in their own homes, and ViPR is increasingly becoming the tool of choice for this rapidly evolving market.

Interestingly, ViPR was originally inspired by the way farmers move when they work. Their movements mimiced shoveling, scooping, sliding and digging, and is exactly what ViPR training involves, while using the entire body. Given that the fitness industry in India is catering to an audience that is growing bored of the old stereotyped weights and cardio options, ViPR offers a great new tool with its roots in the movements that humans have performed for centuries. And it’s very appealing for those who have limited time, because doing a full-body workout with ViPR is much more efficient than training one body part at a time with machines and weights. Gyms are buying ViPR tools to offer as part of circuit training, group classes and personal training. Its successful implementation is ensured by the research-backed, internationally accredited education that ViPR has created. There are around 80 certified ViPR trainers in India, and this number is growing.

With whole-body integration at its heart, ViPR training focuses on rhythm and flow rather than strict form. In between the hectic schedules and tiring commutes, users in India love this freedom while training. Moreover, everyone loves the all-in-one, do-it-yourself possibilities that ViPR provides. It is one tool that lets you work on strength, conditioning, endurance, balance, co-ordination and vitality, all at the same time. The extensive, ever-growing resources at empowers users to go online and learn from some of the best minds in the fitness industry – it is a DIY lover's dream. ViPR is here to stay!

Vipin Marwah

Vipin heads the ViPR business in India through Professional Fitness. He started his wellness career in 2001 as a health psychologist at a leading hospital. His valuable experience in a milieu of fitness, sales, psychology and management has led him to being a successful fitness leader, promoting cutting-edge education and training solutions with genuine passion. Along with ViPR, Vipin is an avid runner and loves to train with TRX and kettlebells.

(MSc. Psychology, PTA Global, ViPR, TRX certified trainer)

ViPR outdoors