Elderly clients tilting ViPRViPR™ HQ is pleased to introduce a new addition to the family: the 2kg ViPR. Standing slightly smaller in stature than other models, the new 2kg TPE ViPR holds its own sense of authority and power. Like its larger companions, the 2kg model allows people to begin realizing their full potential for daily motion through Loaded Movement Training. We are extremely excited for the possibilities that this sized ViPR brings to our ViPR community. Now, twisting, lunging, tilting, shifting and rotating are even easier!

The 2kg ViPR really does add a completely new dimension to ViPR programming; the possibilities with the 2kg model are now only limited to your imagination! We've not only received a huge amount of interest in the tool for kids and the active-aging market segments, but also in the areas of Pilates and pre- and postnatal. The lighter weight means that there are no barriers to performing movements effectively and with precision. It is perfect for beginning your journey with ViPR, no matter your size, age or ability. Not only this, but it is fantastic for enhancing your performance for vitality and is a great size for warming up with!

Children playing with the new ViPR 2KGSpecifically in regards to use with kids, the 2kg model allows them to truly experience authentic ViPR movements as it mirrors the dimensions of an adult with a 4-12kg ViPR. The benefits of use at a young age include better mobility, stability, and enhanced movement patterning. Not only this, but Loaded Movement Training helps to strengthen muscles, fortify bone, and fascia also helping to balance hormonal and metabolic systems at a critical developmental time in their lives.

We really see this product as a fantastic opportunity for PTs to use to increase their client base by adding a completely new dimension to training (and enabling entry into different market segments). This product can also be used as a great extension within existing class formats. Offering suitable holds and a gentle load, this size allows the enhancement of practices such as Pilates. We see this as a very exciting time for us here at ViPR HQ and for the ViPR community as a whole, as it truly allows kids, adults and the aging population to reap the benefits of Vitality, Performance and Reconditioning.

Keep an eye out across our website for the launch of education programs that incorporate the 2kg ViPR, and across our social media platforms to see the tool already in action!

For product-specific information, see: viprfit.com/2kg/

Elderly and pregnant clients using ViPR