Marion training individual older client with a 2KG ViPR

Working with the (very much) older person is great fun. Twice a week, I run classes in a residential care/nursing home. We started small but have now grown into two groups. One group we call ‘high intensity’ and the other ‘low intensity’. The difference is both in the physical activities and the residents' cognitive skills. What we have been able to build up over the months is a real relationship. I have got to know bits about their lives, I know about those who lost husbands during the war, about their children, their grandchildren, and their great grandchildren. I know what they think of the current government and how they feel about not being able to live in their own homes any more. Some can't tell me everything that they might like to, but we communicate; we communicate with a touch, with a look, with a laugh.

At first, residents were hesitant about joining the group as they were unsure of their balance and strength. Now, they can walk up the stairs (often without any help from me), their balance is vastly improved, and they can squat and lunge with minimal help. We have moved from chair-based exercises to much more standing and walking.

Resistance work is imperative and, much to their surprise and to much laughter, they have embraced the 2kg ViPR™. They have grown used to me bringing in equipment (we have always used resistance bands), but dumbbells were not always easy. ViPR has added a great new dimension to our workouts. It's very easy to hold and to demo, and is just the right weight to challenge, but not damage. I patted one lady (aged 96) on the upper arm to let her know that she had done really well, and I could feel her bicep. I remarked on her muscles and she said, "What do you expect after what you’ve put me through?" I think that says it all!

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By Trainer Team Member, Marion Foreman

Marion training a group of older clients with 2KG ViPR's