Jake Duhon performing ViPR exercise

Are you ready to elevate you career and your clients exercise experience with unique education that gives you an edge on the fitness industry?

Every day presents an opportunity for you to learn more about the human body, its ability to move in this world and your ability to influence people through your expertise. Whether working with pro, elite or tactical athletes, clients seeking to eliminate aches and pain or the general population, there’s always something you can do to further develop your craft. As the global authority on loaded movement training, ViPR supports an international community of coaches, trainers and therapists who share our passion for human movement performance.

Our new education platform guides you through the latest innovations and practices for loaded movement training. You'll gain the knowledge and confidence you need to develop cutting-edge programs while leading clients to move, perform and feel their best. If you are looking for something unique to offer your clients it’s a great time to begin promoting your expertise with new, smart and extremely effective solutions with our newest course, LMT-1. Our goal in creating this course is to help you with an introductory level education on the fundamental principles of Loaded Movement Training (LMT) and exercises that make up the foundational drills of all ViPR programs.

Knowledge is power, it’s time to hone your craft!

First training dates released in the UK, Book online now

Coming soon across the globe, watch this space…

By Jake Duhon, Global Education Development Manager