ViPR: Redefining Movement

Kylianne performing a ViPR tilt I was diagnosed with prolapse eight weeks post the birth of my first daughter. You can imagine the heartbreak I went through, when I started looking into what that meant and how that would impact me as a fitness professional.

Things like avoiding running, jumping, sports such as basketball, wide squats the list goes on – all the things I loved to do.

I decided I would not be condemned to the four walls of the box that I was meant to stay inside, living and moving with prolapse, instead I created ways to move in a way that still gave me what I wanted in the way that I needed it.

The ViPR was at that time – and is still – my favourite tool to move with. It allowed me to redefine what movement was to me as I went forward in the next chapter of my adventure as a fitness professional and with my own personal relationship with movement, as things did need to be changed.

I was able to use my experiences to empower other women to do the same; redefine what movement was for them, what it gave back and how they could recreate the positive emotions that had attached to those things that may not be suitable for their body where they are at right now. ViPR plays a huge role in those journeys.

This photo symbolises a moment of strength, empowerment, trust and love for what my body can do despite living with prolapse! You can see the smile on my face as I jumped without fear and trusted my body to attempt this move.

I work with pre- and post-natal women to empower them with the tools to come to trust and love their bodies again, in a way that makes them feel powerful and strong, without any lack of fun and challenge, during a time where they could feel very restricted and confused about what is right and wrong. We work collaboratively to create movement patterns that equip women to be ready for the real demands of life as a mum. My favourite part is that their little humans who join us in the studio are being shown a life in which movement is something that gives back to and nourishes their mum not as punishment, or as a way to perfect their visual aesthetics. Movement to my mums goes far beyond the superficial goals that we sometimes set with out a lot of uncovering why.

Personally, ViPR symbolises for me my fierceness, adaptability and willingness to surrender to the journey in the face of adversity. It enables me to be challenged, get creative, play and move how my body needs to on that day I pick it up.

I challenge you to explore how ViPR makes you feel when you move with it, because that to me is the genius behind this epic creation, the ability to connect to the deeper self. If you too are a fitness professional, how can you help others do the same? Really it goes a little deeper than just the physical – what has ViPR done for you?

Kylianne performing a jump with ViPR By Kylianne Turton, 2kg ViPR Competition Winner. (Image Credit: )

By Kylianne Turton, 2kg ViPR Competition Winner