See details of the workout below:

Movement 1
What – Prone single arm ViPR roll
Why – Core stability, anti-rotation, scapular stability and mobility
How – Set up in prone position, one hand on the ViPR with the other hand on the ground, roll ViPR forward while other arm bends, then roll back to starting position

Movement 2
What – Hop with ViPR cross body chop
Why – Coordination, lateral stability, dynamic core stabilization, single leg strength
How – Jump from two feet to one foot as you chop the ViPR over the down leg, and continue moving laterally

Movement 3
What – Alternating jump with ViPR carry & rotation
Why – Plyometric strength and power, thoracic spine mobility, dissociation of upper and lower body
How – Hold the ViPR in front carry position, perform alternating jumping split lunges as the ViPR rotates over the front leg

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By Ambassador Giovanni Roselli