Are you ready to elevate your career and your clients’ exercise experience?

ViPR™ has developed brand new functional training education to bring it in line with what PTs and health professionals are looking for in 2017. The education is shorter in duration to accommodate the need for condensed, impactful learning, it’s cost effective, and it’s also highly practical, allowing trainers to apply the knowledge immediately. The new education is based on the Loaded Movement Training (LMT) concept where ViPR sits as a global authority.

What to expect from LMT-1

Provide students with an introductory-level education on the fundamental principles of LMT and the exercises that make up the foundational drills of all ViPR programs.

Who is it for?
Trainers looking to learn the foundations of ViPR and Loaded Movement Training

What to expect from LMT-2

Intermediate-level seminar that builds on the fundamental concepts and drills of LMT with ViPR, introduced in the LMT-1 course.

Who is it for?
ViPR trainers looking to deepen their knowledge of Loaded Movement Training and ViPR programming

Diagram of the new ViPR education journey

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