Participants at the Gray Institute event1. Gray Institute – London, UK
In September, FitPro and ViPR hosted the Chain Reaction® two-day seminar in London with Gray Institute. Gary Gray, founder of Gray Institute, was also in attendance. At the seminar, Gary and the team demonstrated how attendees can effectively apply a functional movement approach to their session offerings. They introduced, joint by joint, the functional chain reactions of the body's biomechanics and taught a systematic approach to building corrective exercises for all activities based on the 3DMAPS assessment.

At the event, ViPR featured as a preferred tool alongside Power Plate. ViPR was added into the mix to demonstrate how effective it can be at authentically loading functional movement in all three planes of motion. It also proved the perfect tool for cueing and simplifying complex movement patterns, and creating subconscious chain reaction biomechanics.

The event was well received by attendees and presenters alike. Personal trainers converged from all corners of the globe, demonstrating their commitment to professional development and advancing their knowledge base.

Participants at the Gray Institute event2. SPORTEC – Tokyo, Japan
Our Japanese distributor BRAVO recently took centre stage at the SPORTEC trade event in Tokyo where it showcased ViPR with a spectacular presence. SPORTEC is the largest and most comprehensive exhibition of the sports and fitness industry in Japan.

Two ViPR head master trainers, Mr Tominaga and Mr Iwakiri, took the lead in presenting a well-attended ViPR seminar and, along with other ViPR master trainers, conducted ViPR demonstrations at the booth. The theme of their seminar was the effectiveness of ViPR as both a functional movement screening and alignment improvement tool.

Several collaborative sessions were also held with Japan's leading eyewear company, JINS, as well as Power Plate. JINS has developed special glasses that incorporate a sensor for measuring movement, posture and stability, used in conjunction with the JINS MEME app. In the sessions, attendees wore the JINS glasses and checked their own movement with the app, and then after some brief training with ViPR, they were able to check their movement progress and improvement. The ViPR sessions were particularly popular among females, with participants enjoying the 3D movements and 3D waves.

Through the various activities using ViPR, both the market and visitors to SPORTEC could better understand the incredible diversity and value of ViPR, both as an assessment and training tool. This applies when used on its own, as well as when used in conjunction with other products and services, and includes the importance of continued education in Loaded Movement Training.

3. National Fitness Day – Liverpool, UK
The largest ever National Fitness Day took place in the UK this September with more than one million people moving at more than 20,000 free events and activities. A ukactive incentive, National Fitness Day encourages the nation to celebrate the fun of physical activity across the UK.

To celebrate the event, FitPro teamed up with Volair Leisure in Liverpool to deliver a range of different ViPR classes for their members and the community. All ages and abilities were encouraged to get involved, with a particular highlight being the kids and families session, which focused on balance and movement, and perfectly utilised our newly launched 2kg ViPR.

MOSSA's ViPR Workout also proved to be a huge success, with one Volair member in her 60s, commenting: “I've just done my first ViPR Workout session. As you can see, I'm no teenager, but I really enjoyed myself and I'd love to do it again!”

A thoroughly enjoyable day was had by all and the vision of National Fitness Day was truly delivered.

Participants at the Gray Institute event

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