Vitality = Being strong and active, living life with energy and vigour.
Emphasis in this workout theme is on acceleration/deceleration, increasing forces (mass, momentum, speed, etc.), increasing rhythm and timed direction changes, and increasing overall volume of training.

Details of workout

Movement 1: Power pull with anterior lunge catch + switch, switch progression
Movement 2: Transverse lunge to head-height opposite typewriter shift
Movement 3: Giant swoop squat with fast feet
Movement 4: Around the back with varied height direction changes

Tip: Perform each exercise for 30 seconds to 1 minute with 0 seconds to 1 minute rest between to create a steady-state work effort or an interval-based metabolic demand. Perform 2-5 rounds.

How to perform each exercise

Movement 1: Squat behind a grounded ViPR with one hand turned palm out on a neutral handle. Rise from the squat and pull ViPR so that it swoops like a rainbow and is caught by the free hand while one foot steps forwards into a lunge. Return to the start by reversing the movement. The progression is to add a ‘switch, switch’ hand and footwork exchange after the initial catch before returning to the start.

Movement 2: Begin standing with both feet together holding ViPR offset with one hand on end and the other in the neutral handle. Lunge to the back corner from the starting position and bring ViPR up to chest height and then shift the long end of ViPR horizontally towards the trail foot like a typewriter, ‘aiming’ down the length of your gaze. Return to the starting position and repeat on the same side for the desired time before switching sides.

Movement 3: Straddle ViPR and squat to grab the top notch of the neutral handle with both palms up. Stand up quickly from the squat and carry ViPR all the way overhead, turning your body 180ᵒ to feed it back between the legs, ending in a squat position again. Move your feet quickly to ‘chop onions!’ during the transition.

Movement 4: Holding ViPR in the top notch of the top handle, swing ViPR around your body, handing off from hand-to-hand as it passes in front and behind. Step forward to change direction and catch ViPR with the free hand on-tube rather than completing a hand-off. Vary the height of your catches from waist to shoulder height.

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By ViPR Global Ambassador Kevin Bretting