We are proud to welcome a new senior member to the team, Aaron Barnett. We congratulate Aaron on becoming a ViPR™ global master trainer, responsible for upskilling ViPR™ master trainers and delivering education internationally.

For a number of years, Aaron has been an integral member of the education team at FitPro and is also currently the FitPro national trainer team manager. His experience with ViPR began some years ago when ViPR Group Fitness (VGF) was first developed and, since then, his passion for all things ViPR has continued to shine through with his role as national coach for VGF and the MOSSA ViPR workout. Recently, Aaron developed the ViPR Kids concept (a new specialist ViPR program) and is extremely excited to see this program come to life when it launches for the first time this year.

Aaron feels most alive when presenting and sharing his passion for health and performance coaching and, in particular, Loaded Movement Training. Aaron explains, “There is nothing quite like inspiring clients and fellow fitness professionals to try something new, something 3D, something that can make a deeper, personal difference to someone’s life.” That passion has driven Aaron to devote his entire career to personal, small and large group, health and performance training.

Aaron's favorite ViPR phase is ‘Vitality’ … “We all need a little more vigor in our lives!” His passion is clear to see across his own social media channels and also in his video appearances across the ViPR global platforms.

See him in action performing some ViPR Flow!