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Loaded Movement Training | 12 July 2024

One metre square moves

We often hear from our ViPR PTs that they want to be able to share ideas with their clients – especially for those times clients are tight on time or even tight on space (think hotel rooms or when working from home). So we asked Stephen Tongue to come up with tight-on-space ViPR exercises for you to share. He took the brief and supercharged it, delivering these moves that can be done in just one metre square.

Loaded Movement Training | 29 March 2024

ViPR training for older adults

Stephen Tongue picks up ViPR and asks, what exactly should we do to keep in good shape and maintain our swagger for life as time goes by?

Loaded Movement Training | 12 January 2023

Building strong functional knees

Have you ever had a knee problem or do you know somebody who has? The likely answer to this question is ‘yes!’ Knee problems are common and can be very debilitating, often taking months to fix. Here, we take a look at strategies we can implement into our training to help build more robust and healthy leg hinges (knees).

loadedmovement | 2 November 2015

ViPR buns of steel workout

Stephen Tongue provides some methodology for targeting your booty, presents some example exercises and hopefully inspires you to innovate some bum-busting ViPR moves of your own. Read on.