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Loaded Movement Training | 12 July 2024

One metre square moves

We often hear from our ViPR PTs that they want to be able to share ideas with their clients – especially for those times clients are tight on time or even tight on space (think hotel rooms or when working from home). So we asked Stephen Tongue to come up with tight-on-space ViPR exercises for you to share. He took the brief and supercharged it, delivering these moves that can be done in just one metre square.

Loaded Movement Training | 30 May 2024

Promoting postnatal wellness through holistic movement with ViPR

Julie Holl shares how ViPR can be a game-changer for the way you support postnatal women on their path to holistic health.

Loaded Movement Training | 29 March 2024

ViPR training for older adults

Stephen Tongue picks up ViPR and asks, what exactly should we do to keep in good shape and maintain our swagger for life as time goes by?

Community stories, General | 5 May 2022

ViPR top 10 for beginners

You’ve seen the scenario before: a curious member picks up ViPR from the corner of the room, swings it around and quickly works out how to use it as a barbell, doing squats, bicep curls and overhead presses. If nobody intervenes at that point, it's usually returned to its corner and left lonely and unloved. ViPR deserves so much more than that.

Community stories, Loaded Movement Training | 27 January 2022

JP's Top ViPR Drills

In this series of videos ViPR extraordinaire John Polley shares with us some of his favourite drills and discusses how they benefit him and his clients on a physical, mental and emotional level.

Loaded Movement Training | 5 October 2021

Gainz in all planes!

In the last 60 years, the validation of certain traditional training principles and techniques in the pursuit of muscular hypertrophy has governed the way most people train to this day in gyms.

Loaded Movement Training | 5 October 2021

ViPR Preparation to Enhance Running Performance.

In this Vlog we take a look at the principles and techniques behind an effective ViPR warmup, specifically designed for running.

Loaded Movement Training | 18 June 2021

Movement in sport: Co-ordination with ViPR

Movement in sport: Co-ordination with ViPR Article by Joseph Taylor, cPT, LMT, co-founder of The Total Player Can we learn to co-ordinate our bodies better with ViPR and consequently improve the efficiency of our movement in sport? Let’s have a look into what creates and limits our movement, and how the body interacts and learns to move within its environment.

Loaded Movement Training | 17 June 2021

Exercise Explored - ViPR Lunge and Uppercut

Head of Education at ViPR Aaron Barnett takes an in-depth look at the ViPR Lunge Uppercut and breaks the boundaries of the movement to meet the needs of your client.