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ViPR programming

The ViPR article library contains a number of articles written by top fitness authors on the benefits of training with ViPR. Take a look at the example articles below, then join today to gain access to the article library.

Launching a new product

Michol Dalcourt, inventor of ViPR, talks about what it takes to successfully launch a new fitness product.

Small group training

ViPR instructors can increase their revenue by taking small group training sessions. ViPR trainer Louise Dear explains all.

My ViPR journey

Aspiring ViPR National Trainer Stephen Tongue shares his ViPR story so far.

Using ViPR for weight loss

ViPR trainer and former contestant on The Biggest Loser, Paddy Cunningham talks about why the functional training tool is so good for weight loss.

Feel the ViPR force

ViPR certified trainer Paul Mumford reveals just what it's like trying out to be a ViPR national trainer.

An interview with Michol Dalcourt

Michol Dalcourt, the inventor of ViPR, talks about his favorite ViPR moments and how he turned an idea into reality and took the product to market.

A day in the life of a master ViPR trainer

Dave Parker has been a master ViPR trainer for 12 months. Read about a typical day in the life of a master ViPR trainer.

Kinetic intelligence

We all know about IQ, but what about KQ, asks ViPR inventor Michol Dalcourt.

HIIT training

Derrick Price discusses how HIIT training is unfortunately becoming HIT training.

Competitive training

Steve Powell outlines how elite triathlete Vanessa Raw trained to help her recover from injury and compete at the highest level.

ViPR Japan

ViPR master trainer Gavin Attorre blogs about a visit to Japan.