Exercise library

ViPR programming

The ViPR exercise library has hundreds of videos demonstrating how you can incorporate ViPR into your clients' workouts. Take a look at five example exercises below, then join ViPRfit.com today to gain full access to the exercise library.

Clean to thruster

ViPR master trainer Steve Rast demonstrates an exercise that will excite the nervous system and challenge balance and stabilization. Steve performs the move with a 12kg ViPR to challenge himself.

ViPR cylinder lift

This exercise blends good timing and purposeful motion. Vitality will also increase as this exercise trains the plane of motion that is most energy efficient.

ViPR squat pops

Master trainer Nick Luciano demonstrates the squat pops exercise using ViPR.

Simple, effective warm-up exercises

Weight loss, fat burning and better fitness all start with a good foundation -- before you launch into a killer cardio routine, ensure you warm up the muscles and mobilize the joints.

Farmer's lift with ViPR

ViPR master trainer Adam Daniel demonstrates the farmer's lift, using ViPR.