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Case study: bottom-line benefits to clubs using ViPR

ViPR continues to be a powerful attraction and retention tool, as Edinburgh Leisure discovered.

"Products such as ViPR are key for customer retention. It is a tool that allows progression, it’s results-driven and helps our customers achieve their goals quickly."

ViPR remains a crucial bit of gym equipment for health and fitness clubs, with members demanding programs that deliver results. Home to more than 15,000 members, Edinburgh Leisure is ranked among the top not-for-profit leisure organizations in the UK, with over 30 sites citywide. Its center for sport and leisure has one of the largest, most respected fitness programs in the country with a turnover of £23 million and growing.

With members of Edinburgh Leisure enjoying the use of equipment such as Power Plate, the organization’s fitness coaches anticipated an equally enthusiastic reception to ViPR. They began demonstrating its multitude of moves to clients in one-to-one personal training sessions or in small group training across four of their 15 gyms in September 2009.

The numbers

A set of 14 ViPR will cost Edinburgh Leisure on average £1,400 (exc. VAT). The introduction of ViPR also boosted the range of tools used by Edinburgh Leisure in their gyms. As a result, ViPR was rolled out to all 15 gyms by June 2010. To cover the cost of installing ViPR across all 15 gyms, Edinburgh Leisure only needed to acquire 38 new annual memberships.

The feedback

Lorraine Young, head of health, fitness and sales, says, "Products such as ViPR are key for customer retention. It is a tool that allows progression, it’s results-driven and helps our customers achieve their goals quickly – whether these be weight loss, toning or general fitness. ViPR is a whole-body workout that can be completed in a minimum time frame with maximum results. The tool is fun to use which engages people of all abilities and gender ... it is a fabulous piece of kit!"

Andy Jackson, global commercial director at ViPR distributor, FitPro, adds, "ViPR, with its adaptable innovation, application and functionality, is being used by national chains, independent venues and local authorities to achieve higher profitability through small group training – so far, they have had a tremendous response from their members."

The benefits

ViPR will not only enhance the experience of current users who already incorporate resistance training into their workout, but will also advocate the health benefits of resistance exercise to attract a wider customer base, helping operators to improve their bottom line. David McLean, assistant health and fitness manager, said, "Many of our members have said they can’t believe how much each ViPR exercise works the whole body compared to those traditional exercises or exercise routines that only work one muscle group."

He commented that those doing a ViPR class while wearing a heart rate monitor also noticed how much their heart rate went up, even though it felt as though they weren’t exerting themselves. "If they’re doing lunge rotations, it’s not a massive movement but there was a massive effect on heart rate while using ViPR," said McLean. Whether members are beginners, elite users or athletes, it provides an effective workout, as McLean added, "Your glutes don’t get a chance to switch off!"

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