ViPR trainer

ViPR for clubs and fitness centers

ViPR allows your club to increase your group exercise revenue stream with a dynamic range of classes.

The revolutionary training system embodies a new way of moving: created to blend strength training with functional training and movement.

Versatility is inherent to ViPR, as you can train up to 25 people at once in a studio, park, boot camp, on sand or on a pitch. Not only will this introduce variety to a class, it also increases the fun factor – the crucial element in member retention.

Equinox launch ViPR


ViPR represents an excellent return on investment. Once you’ve invested in ViPR training for your club your timetable opens up to a panorama of highly profitable new classes including vitality, cardio, strength and conditioning performance, reconditioning and circuit-based classes. ViPR also enhances the return on investment of your existing equipment. See here for more on how ViPR can be used with Power Plate to create further exercises.

Revenue potential for clubs

A four-week program running four different session types, twice per week with 15 clients paying £5 each, has the potential to raise revenue of £2,400.

Moreover this income stream has the potential to increase as ViPR diversifies: the ViPR technical development team is currently working on more exercises and choreographed sequences designed exclusively for group exercise.

ViPR has already been used by a number of different groups including the military, professional sports teams, extreme sports, leading global leisure chains, local council chains, rehabilitation clinics and emergency services. Why not introduce it to your members?