ViPR trainer

ViPR for sports coaches and athletes

Whether you’re training for success on-pitch, on-court or on the podium, training with ViPR introduces whole-body movement mechanics to your workout in a functional and effective way.

Unlike conventional exercise drills, ViPR replicates the precise movements that you will be making in a game, allowing you to integrate strength training with strategy formation. Yet building strength is just half the story. Introducing ViPR to your drills can help prevent injury by using the exercises tailored to prehab.

ViPR Pups warm up for the Vauxhall Middlesex Charity Sevens rugby union tournament at Twickenham


What strength coaches and athletes are saying about ViPR

“ViPR is a revolutionary tool in the field of performance training. It's the only tool on the market that allows the coach to load and strengthen true authentic movement. One of the problems strength and conditioning professionals have had is transferring adaptations gained in the weight room to the field or court. This is due to the fact that the movements we load in training may not always mimic the movements in competition.

“In our sport, the strongest individuals on the traditional lifts are not always the strongest on the court. However, the best players are the ones who can perform the movements that the game requires with strength, power, speed, coordination, and agility. It makes sense to load those movements in our training and ViPR allows us to do that in an efficient and effective way.”

Logan Schwartz, MEd., CSCS, FAFS, assistant basketball strength coach for the University of Texas

“It is a great tool for warming up as it works the whole body in a number of different ways. It also can help in conditioning the body. ViPR has outstanding design and is a fantastic idea.”

Rhodri Mcatee, Cornish Pirates star and Social Vibe ViPR Pups rugby coach

“At London Irish we use ViPR for all groups of players - from academy to senior internationals and injured players. The uses to which we can put ViPR encompass mobility, core work and power and conditioning training and rehabilitation. ViPR really does everything you want. If you can think of a movement pattern for your sport, ViPR will be able to train it.“

Rob Palmer, Strength and Conditioning Coach, London Irish RUFC

“I am compelled to write having just used ViPR for the first time. I am a wheelchair athlete, part of the Great Britain Cycling Team at the 2010 World Championships, and am currently training for the 2012 Paralympics. Being paralysed from the chest down, I find regular weights / dumbbells tricky to use as my core strength and balance are non-existent. However, using ViPR I've been able to do all sorts of movements not possible with other free weights, due to the extra support that the design gives me.

“I'm very excited to have discovered it and think it's going to be a great training aid to help me on my course for 2012."

Karen Darke, GB cyclist and endurance athlete

“I use ViPR as part of my training sessions and it forms an integral part of my conditioning programme. I use it to enhance the effectiveness and variety of my warm-up and to prepare my body for the demands of the three different sports.”

Vanessa Raw, GB triathlete

Texas Longhorns train with ViPR